Are You Repurposing Your Best Content?

"Work smarter, not harder"...easier said than done, right?

When it comes to content creation, this is important because I think many people feel iffy about repurposing. Note: I'm talking about content that you own, whether you're a blogger or business (there's lots of tricky rules that exist around repurposing content that you've sold the rights to).  Some feel pressure to create something 100% original each time, or they're unsure of the ethics that exist around recycling their work. The truth is, reviving your best evergreen work is just plain smart. 

Think of it like sprucing up your old furniture--you still have to do something, but its a lot easier than literally building a new dresser! And maybe you're attached to that old dresser and think more people should see it... :)

Other reasons to give it a go?

  • Give your SEO some organic love.

  • Connect with more people.

  • Improve old work--art is created in the re-write.

  • It can be fun to look at a concept from all different angles.

  • Sometimes you're just out of ideas!

So, how do you go about the process? 

Start here: Play the opposite game with your work.

I know you couldn't resist this game as a kid, so let's bring it back. If you have a listicle, turn it into a long-form piece using the listicle as your foundation. Or, say you have a podcast--turn the transcript into a blog post. Have an infographic? Write it out. Transform a Slideshare into a long essay, or an essay into a series of short emails. Turn a video series into an ebook, or vice-versa.

There's so many formats that you get can creative with!

Create an ebook to maximize your marketing.

Putting together an ebook based off blog posts is super easy, and invaluable in growing your email list and boosting your credibility as a thought leader on a given topic. It's also a good way for prospects to learn more about your philosophy and have it all contained in a nice, beautifully designed narrative rather than sporadic blog posts. 

Add visuals that enhance your message, make it flow, and of course be sure to update any time-sensitive data. You can design e-books yourself thanks to tools like Papyrus. 

Post on Quora.

Quora is underrated in my opinion, but tons of smart marketers and entrepreneurs are embracing it to expand their reach--after all, I'm sure your content offers an answer to the very burning question that so many post daily on this Q&A site.

Here's an example: say someone posted the question, "How can I repurpose my old content?"

I would pick out each headline from this very post, summarize each point, and add a link to at the end to drive more people to my blog. It would take me all of five minutes--and it's a nice feeling to help someone directly with their question. 

Create an email series.

Break down the big hunks of evergreen content you have into digestible bits. Daily email series are a great way to keep your ideas relevant and appeal to people who might not have read your original article in the first place.

There's tons of free services where you can create your email series (MailChimp is a good one), and watch your leads and subscribers grow with minimum effort.

Re-share on social media.

Schedule shares on different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Write various intros, mix up the images, and play around with title variations. Also test different days and times. Pull out an amazing quote from your article, and make an image for that on Twitter; then make a Slideshare, and promote it on LinkedIn. Bada bing, bada boom!

Turn your data into a case study.

Everyone loves a glimpse into the internal workings of other bloggers or businesses. This isn't exactly repurposing content you've already created per se, but using stuff you've already done to help others. You could show screenshots of a campaign or share data that reflects what worked for you and what didn't. Sharing your own experiments helps people get to know you better, and it can only help you to analyze data and metrics from your own efforts.

Hopefully, you've found a nugget of wisdom in here to help you breathe life into your old content--and get maximum mileage for all your hard work!